Comprehensive Healthcare’s Response to The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Outbreak

Updated May 29, 2020

Comprehensive Healthcare is currently called to take certain precautions in response to the rapidly spreading COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. Our efforts are geared toward protecting our clients and community, and to reduce the stress and anxiety that many individuals may be experiencing.  

We would like to remind clients and visitors that we are taking many necessary steps to limit the spread of this illness. We encourage everyone to please wear a mask when visiting any of our facilities, avoid entering our facilities if they are sick, monitor their health, and to practice good hand-washing and coughing etiquette. Our staff has been instructed to follow the same measures and more.

Comprehensive Healthcare will be implementing the following plans and procedures in an attempt to limit exposure and the spread of the virus: 

Crisis Services

  • Crisis services remain available.
  • Crisis Triage Center and Detox located in Building B at the Yakima Center remain open.

Residential and inpatient facilities

  • All inpatient facilities are currently open.
  • Outside visitors are restricted from entering.
  • All new clients will be screened and their physical health conditions will be closely monitored as usual, but we will be especially attentive of symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Each residential and inpatient program will be developing a screening process for employees at the start of each shift to ensure staff are healthy and are able to provide quality care.

Clubhouses and Day Support

Our Clubhouses located in Walla Walla, Sunnyside, Ellensburg, and Yakima will be temporarily closed until further notice. However, you can still give us a call! Your treatment team would still like to hear from you

  • Rising Sun Clubhouse in Walla Walla: Day Support (509) 529-0120, Main Office (509) 524-2920.
  • Sunrise Clubhouse in Yakima: Day Support (509) 575-3729, Main Office (509) 575-4084.
  • Horizons Clubhouse in Ellensburg: Day Support (509) 925-1372, Main Office (509) 925-9861.

Creative Options

Our Creative Options program will also be postponed until further notice. Program staff will have weekly phone contact with current enrollee and/or their caregiver depending on their ability to communicate. If needed, we can be available more frequently via telephone at (509) 575-8084. We will communicate this to program enrolled clients and their caregivers.

Outpatient services

  • All outpatient facilities are currently open.
  • We are able to accept new clients.
  • Main Centers: We are currently unable to see our outpatient clients in-person inside of our Outpatient facilities. We now have telephone and video-chat options available to communicate with our clients, allowing us to continue to provide care and support while maintaining a physical distance and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you have an outpatient appointment with us, you are more than welcome to call our offices directly if they have not already been in contact with you. Services available at Yakima Center Building A including Pharmacy, PACT, Rehab, Medication Assisted Treatment, and Methadone continue. Clients are certainly welcome at our Yakima Center; but we want our clients to be aware that depending on the service, you will be asked to participate in our screening process (a temperature check and short questionnaire) and could be directed to one of the tent spaces located just outside of the building. 
  • We will be requesting that clients coming in for an outpatient appointment at all other locations first fill out a screening form to let us know if they are currently or recently experienced symptoms (fever of 100.0 degrees or above, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, severe cough or severe sore throat, chest pain or tightness), or if they have been in contact with someone who has been experiencing those symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19.
  • For health and safety reasons we would not be able to meet with a client who has symptoms, or has been exposed to someone who has those symptoms in person, at our office. We would, however, like to connect with those individuals over the phone instead.
  • If you are a client and unable to come in because you are experiencing these symptoms or have been in close contact who has, simply give us a call, phone appointments are available and your treatment team member can speak with you over the phone.

Cle Elum: (509) 674-2340

Ellensburg: (509) 925-9861

Goldendale: (509) 773-5801

Pasco: (509) 412-1051

Sunnyside: (509) 837-2089

Walla Walla: (509) 522-4000

White Salmon: (509) 493-3400

Yakima: (509) 575-4084

Additional precautions:

  • We are restricting all external trainings and non-essential travel at this time. Public gatherings of people involving anyone outside the organization will be avoided.
  • We have cancelled our public events until a later date.
  • Community education trainings such as Strong Families, Children Cope with Divorce, and Mental Health First Aid are being cancelled to avoid exposure, reduce opportunities for community transmission, and minimize visitor access to our facilities.
  • Our Facilities and Infrastructure Departments are implementing enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices, and following best practices guided by the CDC guidelines. This includes daily cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces.
  • Information Systems (IS) is looking into additional technological solutions to allow access to services for clients who may be ill but are in need of services.
  • Planning is underway to expand the use of our existing telehealth equipment to expand access.
  • Comprehensive Healthcare’s infection control committee will be meeting daily to review information and monitor the status of our communities.

We encourage everyone to join us in preventing the spread of this illness by washing your hands, staying home if you are sick, practicing good coughing etiquette, practicing social distancing, and cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as table tops, door knobs, cell phones, etc. Each of these small steps can make a big difference. For additional tips on preventing the spread of germs, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website here.

If you have any questions, please call us or send an email to

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