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Victims Advocacy Services

Comprehensive Healthcare’s Aspen Victim Advocacy Services serve victims of sexual assault and other crimes against people. Our services include medical advocacy, legal advocacy and general advocacy for victims in Yakima and Kittitas Counties. We provide community education and prevention training, and provide Domestic violence services and shelter in Kittitas County.

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Victims of Crime

Victims of crime, sexual assault, or domestic violence are often left traumatized, confused, and vulnerable. People from all ages and walks of life can find themselves in these situations.

Aspen-Victim Advocacy Services is a victim advocacy program with 24 hour crisis line and response. Advocates provide information and support in medical, legal and other settings. Victim’s rights and choices are at the core of what we offer.

We serve people victimized by sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking and all other crimes. Victim Advocates provide 24 hour response, legal, medical and general advocacy with privacy and confidentiality, and at no cost to the victim or their families.

Trained advocates are available to provide free information and support to victims of crime, whether or not the crime is reported.

Human Trafficking

Each year thousands of individuals are held against their will. Many are forced to work or commit crimes in fear for their lives or safety for themselves or other loved one. This includes the sexual exploitation of minors. Aspen staff provide advocacy for the victims of trafficking and also trains community members to recognize signs of trafficking and steps should trafficking be suspected.

Prevention and Community Education

Prevention, community education and outreach efforts are how we help to make our community safe. Aspen staff provides education to vulnerable individuals and groups about sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. We train students and faculty of local schools, and work with law enforcement and other social service providers.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event

Each year Aspen staff in Kittitas and Yakima counties hosts a Walk a Mile in her Shoes community event. These events raise awareness sexual assault and rises funds for support of the victims of sexual assault.

Domestic Violence Services are Provided in Kittitas County

In addition to the above services, Aspen in Kittitas County providers domestic violence advocacy and emergency shelter to victims of domestic violence. Support is available for victims' friends and family. Services are free and confidential.

Statewide Crime Victim Service Center - (888) 288-9221 | Kittitas County - Call (509) 925-9384 or (866) 925-9384

Kittitas County - Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and General Crimes Services

Statewide Crime Victim Service Center - (888) 288-9221

Sexual assault and general crimes services HOTLINE (509) 925-9384

Yakima County - Sexual Assault and General Crimes Services

Statewide Crime Victim Service Center - (888) 288-9221

Sexual assault and general crime services HOTLINE (509) 452-9675

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