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Community Service Providers

We are a stronger community if we work together.

Comprehensive Healthcare partners with hundreds of community agencies and organizations throughout Eastern Washington , and we are committed to these relationships. Comprehensive prides itself on services tailored to the needs of our local communities.

Comprehensive Healthcare

Working Together

Go to our locations page to contact the Comprehensive Healthcare site director in your community. We are eager to build robust partnerships that effectively serve individuals, families, and communities. Comprehensive practices and is an advocate for evidence based programs that have proven impact, and we are always interested in learning from community partners.

Make Sure We Have Consent to Release Information.

Like all healthcare providers, Comprehensive Healthcare respects patient privacy. If you are seeking information on a mutual client, please have a signed release form completed and sent to Comprehensive. Health information is protected, including whether or not someone is receiving services.

Active Quality Improvement

Comprehensive Healthcare’s goal is to provide the best possible care and services. If you see opportunities for improvement, or needs that have yet to be met in the community, please contact us.