Comprehensive Healthcare Services

Evaluation and Treatment Facilities

At times when an individual suffers from acute psychiatric symptoms, they need a safe, therapeutic, inpatient environment, for evaluation, stabilization, and treatment. Think of it like a hospital Emergency Department for acute mental illness.

These 16 bed medical facilities are staffed with expert medical and therapeutic staff. Stays can range from a few days up to a couple of weeks. Clients leave the facility after extensive disharge planning which provides the client with an outpatient continuing care plan for follow up services.

Comprehensive Healthcare operates two such Evaluation and Treatment Facilities in Yakima, Washington.

Bridges Evaluation and Treatment

Bridges is a 16-bed inpatient evaluation and treatment facility. Clients served typically exhibit acute psychiatric symptoms upon admission. Bridges provides a safe, therapeutic environment for clients to stabilize before returning successfully in their home community.

Bridges "Enhancement" model of care offers a high level of evidence-based individualized therapy. Client and staff safety is emphasized throughout the facility and treatment program.

For further information about admissions call (509) 469-2085.

Two Rivers Landing

Two Rivers Landing is a certified Youth Evaluation & Treatment facility for voluntary and involuntary placements for youth up through age 17. Two Rivers Landing provides single bed rooms, intensive treatment and stabilization services, and twenty-four hour nursing coverage and on-call psychiatric services. The program provides crisis stabilization, evaluation and treatment for up to 16 youth (male or female) utilizing a trauma-informed, evidence-based model of care. An integrated team of behavioral health and medical professionals provides individualized care and a comprehensive discharge plan that emphasizes community resources and family support.

Youth admitted generally meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Need crisis stabilization in order to avoid a higher level of care
  • Potential danger to self, others, or property
  • Unable to care for self or stay safe
  • Need constant supervision and adult intervention to assure a safe environment
  • Inability to think clearly or distinguish reality
  • Extreme problems with mood or behavior
  • AND other less restrictive services have been tried which were not successful or were unable to ensure the youth's safety

Getting Help

  • A mental health professional will evaluate all referrals to Two Rivers Landing. Referrals can come from:
    • Parents
    • Medical Providers (including doctors, hospitals, and outpatient clinics)
    • Law Enforcement
    • School Professionals
    • Social Service Agencies

For further information about admissions click here or call (509) 469-3727.