Comprehensive Healthcare Employment

Why Choose Comprehensive Healthcare

We are a mission and community driven agency. We are charged by our community Board of Directors to provide the best possible services to the communities we serve. We are guided by the following:

Comprehensive Healthcare

Our Mission

Comprehensive Healthcare will provide innovative behavioral healthcare, community education, and services to individuals, families, and organizations.

Strategic Goals

  • Access: The agency and its services will be accessible to its consumers.
  • Clinical Excellence: The agency will set and attain high standards of clinical excellence.
  • Community: The agency and staff will support the community through strategic alliances, participation in community activities and provision of community education.
  • Diversity: Agency staff, systems and services will be responsive to the unique environments and individual needs of its diverse consumer community.
  • Funding: The agency will balance its revenue from private and public sources in order to reduce its reliance on government funding.
  • Infrastructure: The agency’s infrastructure will enable clinical staff to maximize delivery of services to consumers.
  • Positioning: The agency will position itself as the leading behavioral healthcare provider in its region.
  • Staff Resources: The agency will seek to continue a positive, supportive workplace to maintain and develop staff as its primary asset.