Comprehensive Healthcare Employment

List of Jobs and Careers

Considering working at Comprehensive? We have several types of jobs within our agency. We are looking for enthusiastic and optimistic individuals who have a passion for helping others and learning new things.


  • Outpatient Therapist

    Provides assessments and ongoing mental healthcare for outpatients in an outpatient setting. Therapist will assist in assessments, treatment planning, group and individual therapy.

    Jamilyn - Therapist

    Neil - Outpatient Therapist

    Ron - Child Therapist

    Mistee - Child Therapist

    William - Therapist

    Nikki - Therapist

  • Case Managers

    Work with individuals, often in the community, to manage their mental health conditions and improve quality of life of the people we serve. Case managers are active in the coordination of community services for people in need.
  • Care Manager

    Helps individuals with complex medical or behavioral health challenges. Care managers engage in outreach, goal setting, education of self-care and chronic condition management, and assist people with coordination of the healthcare systems and services.
  • Designated Mental Health Professionals

    Provides crisis outreach and interventions to people with acute mental illness. 24 hours a day, this highly trained staff responds to referrals from individuals and families in need, law enforcement, medical, or other social service agencies.

    Friday - Mental Health Professional

  • Chemical Dependency Professionals

    Our substance use disorder treatment counselors work in both in inpatient and outpatient settings providing assessments and treatment to individuals struggling with addictions. We provide services to youth and adults. Comprehensive also has a strong tradition of treating individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Victim Service Advocate

    This Staff provides medical, legal, and general advocacy and support to victims of crime, sexual assault, and/or domestic violence. Advocate will often work in the field, will maintain individual caseloads, and provide community education.

    Araceli - Advocate

    Anna - Advocate

    Tanna - Advocate

    Rosy - Advocate

    Candy - Advocate

  • Mental Health Worker/Residential Support Staff

    Provides non-medical care to residents in our inpatient facilities, Detox/Crisis unit, and residential programs. Helping residents with meals, accessing treatment, and maintaining the facility are all duties of this role.


  • Medical Provider

    Assesses and provides ongoing psychological and medical treatment for patients with mental illness or addictions. Providers can work in inpatient or outpatient settings. Comprehensive hires M.D.s, P.A.s, ARNPs, and Pharm-Ds as medical providers.

    Erika - Nurse Practitioner/Therapist

  • Nursing

    We hire both RN and LPN Nurses to support our outpatient, inpatient and residential settings.
  • Medical Technician

    Works actively with the rest of the medical staff in patient care.

Support Services

  • Reception, front door client support

    Assists clients with enrollment, scheduling, answering questions, and assisting with various paperwork completion. Great people skills are essential.
  • Facility services

    Custodial and maintenance staff care for over 20 major treatment location and numerous community supported living apartments. We pride ourselves in the look and care of our facilities both inside and out.
  • Medical Records

    Staff maintain and responding to medical record request for all Comprehensive staff and patients. Duties include, scanning, processing requests, recordkeeping.
  • Accounting/financial

    Positions include accounts: account payable and receivable, billing staff, payroll, ordering, accounting and budgeting.
  • Information Technology

    Maintaining the computing and communications systems is a big job. Hardware and application specialists, video and telephone technicians, as wells providing technical support to over 600 employees.

For a complete listing of current jobs available please go here.