by Comprehensive Staff

04/07/2017 9:46 pm

Be Informed and Expect Results

By Ron Gengler, Chief Operating Officer

I just attended a national behavioral health and substance use conference. There were several takeaways that I brought home with me.

One: Ensure that consumers drive their treatment by being active in making their plan of care. There is a saying “Nothing about me, without me.” Anyone who receives healthcare needs to participate and understand the treatment options.

Two: Any treatment that a consumer receives must also include a way to measure the improvements or progress. If you do not know and understand who the counselor is measuring your progress, ask.  Another saying is, “Things that get measured get better.” Demand that the treatment you are receiving has a way to measure your progress.

Three: Suicide has a major ripple effect in the lives of families, friends and communities. It did not take a conference to tell any of us that. However, I met Kevin Hines, a survivor of his own attempt when he was 19. He is now an advocate and promotes Mental Health First Aid. He will have a new movie coming out later in 2017 called Suicide: The Ripple Effect

Learn about our Mental Health First Aid and Youth Mental Health First Aid training courses by clicking our Community Education link here.

P.S. Kevin signed my shirt.