by Comprehensive Staff

02/22/2017 4:48 pm

You Can Become a Victim Advocate

White text on green background. Text reads: "aspen: Victim Advocacy Services." There is a white leaf emerging from the "p" in "aspen",
Are you looking for a way to support and give back to your community? Aspen (Abuse Support and and Prevention Education Now) Victim Advocacy Services are always looking for people who want to become advocates for those who have experienced sexual assault. The volunteer advocacy program has a long and successful history as part of Comprehensive Healthcare services. Volunteers do not need to have previous experience in sexual assault advocacy, but simply need to be able to listen, believe, support, and care about someone going through a difficult time.

Comprehensive provides 30 hours of advocacy training to volunteers, including active listening, empowerment, victim’s rights, forensic exams, interviews, and much more. Advocacy is about being present for another person in crisis – one way that volunteers may do this is to go to the hospital and stay with a survivor as they receive care, so they have direct support to lean on and do not have to navigate a difficult process alone.

Sexual violence remains a critical problem in the United States across the lifespan. For example, one in four girls and one in five boys are sexually assaulted before they are adults. An important step on the journey to end sexual violence in our communities is to believe those who have the courage to disclose their experience – Aspen volunteers do just that.

Additionally, April is Sexual Violence Awareness month. To honor this month, Aspen is planning to hold a volunteer training to recruit new volunteers, and they need 8-10 people to do that – are you one of them? To sign up, contact Kim Foley, Program Manager, at 509-576-4326. For more information on sexual assault and coordinated efforts to end it, visit www.wcsap.org