by Comprehensive Staff

12/20/2016 6:38 pm

You Are Valuable

you are valuable

Going to get a bit personal during this blog.  Over the last four years my brother has struggled to cope with a heart that is dying.  Long story short; he must have a heart transplant or he will die.  The purpose of this blog is not to seek sympathy, but to acknowledge the strength that someone can muster when faced with a seemingly overwhelming challenge.  

I went to visit him in the hospital and what I saw was a bit of a surprise.  He maintained his hopeful, joking (dry and at time weird sense of humor) and loving attitude.  Being the therapist I asked how he was coping.  He told me that deep down he has to have hope and maintain who is has always been.  One event though serious (life threatening), cannot change who he is in the long term.  I try to teach that, but hearing it from one who must live it was powerful.  I went with my sister-in-law to a support group for heart transplant patients and their supports.  I witness similar resolve to keep the core you alive, the one that tries to “see the good in the world.”

With all that we experience in life, one must have a fixed set of values and principles.  Here at Comprehensive we will never try to change your values or principles.  We will just help you discover you true potential in spite of the challenges you face.  We cannot always just think our way through a challenge, sometimes we need a little boost to get up and over them.

Just remember, you do have value and you do mean something to someone.  Be the one that reaches out for help or the one that reaches out to help.  My brother taught me the importance of both.