by Comprehensive Staff

09/22/2016 6:06 pm

Strong Families Expands to the Tri-Cities

mom with child pulling hood up

This fall marks the start of both our 16th year of Strong Families, and our first-ever class in the Tri-Cities. We are so excited to partner with Vista Elementary School in Kennewick to expand this awesome program that gives participants an opportunity to meet other parents, get support and encouragement from certified facilitators, and try new approaches to family interactions. Best of all, this class includes free on-site childcare, an invaluable benefit for busy families. The first session starts on October 4th at 5:30pm at Vista Elementary. Interested parents can sign up online.

In addition to our Kennewick class, we also have classes lined up for Yakima and Sunnyside this fall. The Yakima class starts on September 26th at Roosevelt Elementary, while the Sunnyside classes start on October 10th and offer separate simultaneous sessions in English and Spanish. Registration for these classes is also online, but parents are welcome to drop in during the first week of class.

For those who are unfamiliar with Strong Families, it is a free, 6-week parent training program that focuses on strengthening families and communities. The class consists of 13, three-hour sessions designed to build parenting skills and increase family strengths and bonding. The class covers a broad range of topics including modeling positive parent behavior, improving children’s self-esteem, learning anger and stress management skills, and emphasizing positive discipline. Participants receive a free parent handbook and plenty of support from the two course facilitators and fellow classmates.

These classes are fun and engaging, but more importantly, they’re life-changing for many of our parents. Upon graduation, we hear from parents about the impact this class has had on their parenting style. We have participants’ children thank us for bringing their parents back. Take a look at the comments from some of our past participants:

“I am a father of 5 and it has been a blessing for me to learn about being a better parent.”

“My Strong Families teacher helped me grow as a person and as a family. She helped me understand my daughter.”

“It brought our family together.”

“I recommend this class to everybody. It can change someone’s life, because it sure changed mine.”

With this program, we get to watch families rebuild relationships and inspire others to make changes, too. This class benefits entire communities, which is why we’re so glad to watch the program grow. If you have any questions about Strong Families, contact Maria at 509-576-4319. A list of our upcoming classes and online registration can be found online at http://www.comphc.org/