by Comprehensive Staff

08/25/2016 10:38 pm

Recovery is Possible for Dual Mental Health / Substance Use Disorders

An individual who suffers from both chronic mental illness and addition faces a truly difficult situation. These Dual Diagnosed medical conditions often interact with one another. An individual who suffers from untreated chronic mental illness may turn to drugs and alcohol in an attempt to reduce the mental health symptoms. Conversely, excessive drug use can and does make a number of serious mental illnesses worse. 

Treatment of dual diagnosis disorders poses a difficult challenge. You can’t treat one condition without addressing the other. Successful treatment generally requires an integrated and often intensive regime during the initial phases of treatment.

In June, the Yakima and Pasco Dual Diagnosis treatment teams were assessed for their capabilities and integrated treatment approach as part of National Institute of Health (NIH) grant project. This 4-year study is organized by Dartmouth School of Medicine, University of Wisconsin and Washington State Division of Behavioral health and Recovery (DBHR).

Initial results of the project demonstrated that our Comprehensive teams were in the top 1 percent of all treatment facilities in the nation in their capacity to treat Dual Diagnosed patients. We are proud of our commitment to integrated treatment practices. Congratulations to the treatment teams on a truly integrated approach to recovery.

Individuals seeking care at Comprehensive for Dual Diagnosis conditions can be assured of receiving the highest quality care possible.