by Comprehensive Staff

08/16/2016 4:20 pm

Communicating a Name Change is Challenging

newspaper ad

Businesses try not to change their names for good reason. It’s costly. It’s essentially undoing what has taken years to establish - a brand. And it takes time and resources to “get the word out”.

Much has already been posted on this site about changing our name. Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health begged for a change. Something shorter, easier to remember and more true to what we are was called for and Comprehensive Healthcare is the answer. As CEO, Rick Weaver puts it, “We simply outgrew our name.”

An exhaustive effort was made to inform co-workers about the impending change before going public. Although it was time consuming, it was also a simple process of gathering staff in our own facilities and laying out the story. 

Informing everyone else is not so simple. This website, our Facebook page, and Pathways (our quarterly newsletter) have been used to reach those who interact with us regularly. But traditional media is required to touch everyone else. Have a look at the newspaper ad (above) and television message (linked here) that are designed to inform the general public. These messages will run through the fall to build awareness of our new name. It is important that people who have need or our services know exactly what name to contact. Pretty basic, but vital.

The last, and probably most important, element in marketing a name change is word of mouth. That’s where you come in. Please commit Comprehensive Healthcare to memory and help us spread the word!