by Comprehensive Staff

03/11/2016 7:28 pm

Fostering Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health Workplace

A recent article in the Huffington Post reported on efforts in the UK to promote conversations regarding mental health among corporate executives with the goal of creating a workplace culture that fosters mental health. 

After attending a February meeting with British business leaders, Prime Minister David Cameron commented to the BBC, “We’ve not done enough to end the stigma of mental health.  We focused a lot on physical health, and we haven’t, as a country, as a nation, focused enough on mental health."  Stigma regarding seeking help for mental health issues creates a significant barrier to accessing appropriate treatment services.

Focusing on mental health is not just a nice thing to do: it clearly impacts a company’s bottom line.  According to the article, “Addressing mental health head-on is good for business, too. Nearly one-third of respondents in a survey by Employee Benefit News magazine said that mental illness was the main cause of decreased productivity and being absent from work.”

One way businesses can encourage good mental health for their employees is to provide access to Employee Assistance Program benefits.  The purpose of EAP services is to address potential employee concerns early on, provide brief solution-focused treatment, and connect the employee with additional treatment services when necessary. Employees can find out if their employer offers EAP benefits by contacting their Human Resources department.