by Comprehensive Staff

01/23/2016 12:42 am

Exciting Place to Work

These are exciting times to come to work at Comprehensive.   If you take a look at the current job opening link on Comprehensive’s home page you’ll find over 70 job listings.  New jobs are listed nearly every day.  There are really great job opportunities for persons with all types of skills and education.  If you are a caring person who thrives on helping others and working in a team environment, we have a place for you.

I’m often asked why there are so many openings and why we are always recruiting.  Sometimes the question is “what’s wrong”.  The answer is straightforward.  Demand is increasing, we are innovating and we are growing.  We have seen a huge increase in the number of people seeking services as a result of improved access to medical coverage and as a result of policies that require coverage for behavioral health concerns to be at parity with that for physical health concerns. We have experienced 25-40% increases in the number of people coming to our doors. The growth is not slowing.  We need help to meet that demand. 

We have grown geographically.  We are now providing services in our primary counties of Kittitas, Yakima, Klickitat, Benton, Franklin and Walla Walla. We are also now providing more limited services in Chelan, Douglas, Grant, Adams, Columbia, Garfield, Asotin and Whitman Counties.  We’d love to have your help to meet our growth.

Most importantly we are an innovative organization. Payers, including the state and insurance plans, come to us to take advantage of our adoption of the newest and most evidence-based programming and our willingness to do new things.  We are adding new programs such as inpatient services, high intensity services for children and seniors and competency restoration.  We offer potential employees training in advanced, state of the art services and the opportunity to work in the most current treatment environments.

Comprehensive is a great place to work. I’ve been coming to work every day for over 30 years here because the place is exciting, the team is fun and motivating and I get the opportunity to try new things.  We’d love to share the excitement with you.

Oh, and by the way, we offer decent pay and good benefits, too. Take a look at our web page www.cwcmh.org or give us a call.