by Comprehensive Staff

11/25/2015 8:34 pm

Take Time to Listen

Take Time to Listen

The holiday season can be stressful.  Often we don’t seem to have enough time, money or patience as we try to buy the right present or see the right people. 

Many of us also want to give to those in need so we take on extra tasks.  Much of our time is spent thinking about the future (what I need to do, when will I have time to wrap presents) and not the present.   Because we are often at parties or large family gatherings we don’t have much time to visit one to one.  It could be that you are missing out on the most important gift of all – your time and your presence.  I encourage you to take time to listen. 

Take time this holiday season to give the gift of your time and presence to friends and family.   We all have someone in our lives that we haven’t spent much time with this past year.  Set a time and date to have coffee or schedule a visit to their house.  At a large gathering identify one person you would like to take time to listen and get to know better.  When listening to someone take a few deep breaths and notice what thoughts are in your mind.    You can return your thoughts and attention to the moment and that person and enjoy the present. 

If you practice this I think you will enjoy listening, find yourself feeling less stress and be glad you took time to be present and in the moment.