by Comprehensive Staff

08/28/2015 9:52 pm

Marijuana in the Workplace

It’s Legal, Isn’t It?

Washington State's legalization of marijuana may have created a pit fall for unknowing job seekers.  Not only does the State allow for marijuana to be used in accordance with a physician's prescription, but it can also be used recreationally.  Seems like there shouldn't be any confusion, right?  Unfortunately, it’s still a bit hazy.

Many employers that had previously established drug free workplace policies, have made no changes to their policies once the Washington State law changed.  Additionally, Federal law still considers the use of marijuana, medicinal or recreational, to be illegal.  Relying on the Federal law employers, including Central Washington Mental Health, have chosen to continue to prohibit the use of marijuana for their employees.

Many applicants wouldn't think that complying with a pre-employment drug screen after having consumed a pot-laden baked good or taking their legally obtained prescription could lead to the end of their application process, but sadly it’s true.  If an employer has made no changes to their drug free workplace policy when the law changed, then pre-employment drug screen test results that reflect positive for marijuana use will be the end of the road for many job seekers.  It is in the best interest of an applicant to know an employer’s drug free workplace policy before starting the application process, especially if they know they won't get past the drug screen.
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