by Comprehensive Staff

08/14/2015 6:33 pm

Walla Walla - One Year Later

Walla Walla River            Central Washington Comprehensive Mental Health’s first year in Walla Walla continues to be exciting, challenging, and promising.  Walla Walla is a wonderful community and has extended a very warm welcome to us.  Comprehensive staff is privileged to be part of this community and we remain committed to providing excellent mental health care.  We have begun to develop great relationships and partnerships with community members and agencies; but, this is only the beginning.  As we settle in on our role in this community, we recognize that these relationships are the key to helping us meet this area’s mental health needs through the provision of quality mental health services.

            During the course of providing services in Walla Walla, we have many encounters with community members and agencies.  The types of services we provide lead us to interact with all segments of the population.  Mental illness does not discriminate.  It affects people of all ages, genders, races, ethnicities, and socio-economic status.  In providing care and treatment for those experiencing mental health challenges, we have contact with a broad range of individuals, families, and many agencies – law enforcement, corrections, hospitals, medical clinics, schools, fire department, chemical dependency, and other service-oriented agencies.  It is crucial that our encounters with these entities do not remain just “encounters” or “contacts.”  We must develop relationships and partnerships.

            Comprehensive is committed and dedicated to serving this community.  We are a permanent member.  We understand the importance of developing long-term partnerships and relationships within the community.  Open communication and developing trust will help establish our role in Walla Walla and ensure we are responsive to this area’s needs.  Relationships provide the structure for the sharing of crucial information and ideas.  It enables us to communicate and learn of the concerns and needs of our community.  Importantly, relationships and partnerships provide the opportunity for feedback on what is and isn’t working.  There will be frustrations and mistakes while we pursue excellence.  Our relationships and partnerships will be invaluable in overcoming any challenges and in helping us move forward in pursuit of our ultimate goal: To provide quality, responsive, and compassionate mental health treatment for our community.