by Comprehensive Staff

07/20/2015 5:59 pm

A Moment for Parents

Parenting is said to be the hardest task someone will ever undertake. It is also said that parenting is the most rewarding task we will ever undertake. Both statements are true but there are skills that can be learned that make the rewards worth all the work.

One of these parenting skills is Special Time. It is well understood that children respond positively to positive attention. Special Time teaches that a daily structured one on one time with each child can have very positive results. The guidelines are very simple: spend Special Time with each child, 15 minutes to one hour depending on age; no questions-directions-criticisms; set a time, same time every day; and tell your child you want to spend Special Time with them because you love them and enjoy spending special time with them. 

Special Time improves communication with your child,  provides an opportunity every day to get to know your child better, improves you child’s self-esteem and makes parenting more fun.

Special Time and other parenting skills are taught in parenting classes. One such class is Strong Families through Comprehensive Mental Health. For more information or for a schedule of classes, please call Maria at 509-576-4319.