by Comprehensive Staff

07/10/2019 9:26 pm

Young Clients of the Long-term Inpatient Program at Two Rivers Landing, Give Comprehensive Healthcare an “A”

Comprehensive Healthcare was given an ‘A’ during their annual audit by the Washington Children’s Long-term Inpatient Program (CLIP). During their visit, CLIP conducted interviews with clients, asking them about being in the facility, how the people treated them and what grade they would attribute to Comprehensive Healthcare. They also interviewed staff.

“I am honored to congratulate the team at our Two Rivers Landing Facility for their outstanding performance and dedication to our clients,” said Jodi Daly, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, Comprehensive Healthcare. “Their compassion for the kids in our community combined with their professionalism and skill as behavioral health professionals is exemplary.”

The program lead, Jennifer Trevino says the staff at Comprehensive Healthcare’s Two Rivers Landing deserves all of the credit. “The staff is genuinely focused on the care of the clients. The clients gave us an ‘A’ because they feel safe and comfortable and that is the environment the staff have built,” said Trevino. She also attributed their performance to the high standard of care set forth by Comprehensive Healthcare and The Joint Commission.

Young clients range from ages 11 to 17 and are admitted into an inpatient facility due to a behavioral health diagnosis such as depression or bipolar disorder. The child might exhibit behaviors that are compulsive, disrupting school or harmful to themselves or their family members. Many of the clients have also experienced trauma.

Trevino shared an example of a client who entered the program with severely compulsive and harmful behavior saying, “They were kicking holes in the walls, spitting, pulling hair…,” said Trevino. “It was difficult at first, but we had to start by making them feel safe with the understanding that they had a lot of trauma early on in life with no stable family or housing for some time.” When discharged, the staff described the changes in the child’s behavior as night and day. “We were actually sad to see them go, but we were so proud. They made so much progress despite what was happening in their life.” The child exited the program no longer exhibiting suicidal behaviors and with the ability to articulate their needs as opposed to acting out or screaming. Trevino says the outcome was the result of their response to the program and the environment.

“The most rewarding part of working in a long-term in-patient setting, is witnessing the progress the kids make over time,” said Comprehensive Healthcare Vice President, Tim Shields. “It is incredible to witness a child who was really struggling when they entered the program and exit as courteous, more communicative kids.” It is clear each client makes an impact on the staff at Comprehensive Healthcare. All of the clients leave behind a unique piece of tile artwork, beautifully placed and treasured on the walls of the facility.

Comprehensive Healthcare’s Two Rivers Landing is a secure, but modest building with warm hues, bedrooms at each end of the hallway, a common area, conference room and a quiet room. In the common room, there are young people seated at tables doing homework, others playing a virtual game of tennis in front of a television screen as a therapist sits on the arm of the sofa cheering them on.

“You might think all we do is let the kids play video games and help them with their homework,” said Shields. He explains some of the best therapist-client interactions with adolescents take place when therapists are doing other activities with the teen, as opposed to having them sit on the opposite side of the room asking questions.

“Therapy is much more effective when the client feels safe and comfortable,” says Shields. Shields also explained that the main focus of the program is addressing behaviors shown in an everyday setting.

The long-term youth clients are able to leave the building on some occasions when they go on trips like hiking in Mt. Rainier, to the park, roller skating or to the YMCA. “We use opportunities to participate in activities as a positive incentive. If they are able to demonstrate that they can be courteous and safe while within the facility, they have demonstrated that they are able to safely go somewhere else,” said Shields.

Comprehensive Healthcare’s Two Rivers Landing facility is divided by a short-term, adolescent, inpatient psychiatric program on one side and long-term on the other.  Out of the five in the State of Washington, Comprehensive Healthcare is the only organization to have the two under the same roof. Other youth services include Multisystemic Therapy – Family Integrated Transitions (MST-FIT) for youth in the criminal justice system, WISe, and adolescent outpatient therapy.

For more information about Comprehensive Healthcare services, call (509)-575-4084 or visit www.comphc.org.