by Comprehensive Staff

08/08/2018 8:42 pm

Care Integration: Why Give a Hoot?

You may have heard the phrase "care integration" around your healthcare center. But what it is? Here's a little background:

Mental health and physical health are inextricably linked. Evidence has shown that mental health disorders—most often depression—are strongly associated with serious chronic diseases and health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease and cancer. This association appears to be caused by mental health disorders that precede chronic disease and chronic disease can intensify the symptoms of mental health disorders—in effect creating a cycle of poor health. This cycle decreases a person’s ability to participate in the treatment of and recovery from mental health disorders and chronic disease. Therefore, while efforts are underway to reduce the burden of death and disability caused by chronic disease in the United States, simultaneously improving mental health nationwide is critical to improving the health of all Americans.

5 Reasons to Give a Hoot:

1.  Care Integration is simply better care – for everyone.

2.  Access to care will significantly improve.

3.  Care Integration saves money—creating more opportunities to increase services and help more people.

4.  Behavioral health professionals and staff will be more connected to the community, so our impact on the overall health of our communities will increase.

5.  Care Integration is the future of health care in America; it is inevitable. 

[Reference source: https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/leading-health-indicators/2020-lhi-topics/Mental-Health; Healthy People 2020 is based in the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, which is part of DHHS.]