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  • 04/02/2019 8:13 pm

    I Ask

    I Ask 

    by: Debbie Brockman, Program Manager, ASPEN Victim Advocacy Services

    April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The goal is to raise awareness about sexual violence, the impact it has on our communities, and to educate the community about how to prevent it. This year Sexual Assault Awareness Month is celebrating its 18th anniversary with the theme “I Ask”.  It is important to raise awareness about sexual violence but our ultimate g...

  • 12/05/2017 10:08 pm

    'Giving Tuesday' Benefits ASPEN

    The Washington State Employees Credit Union paid it forward this Giving Tuesday. They randomly selected six of their customers and gave them $100 each to do good in the community.

    This is WSECU’s 4th year participating, and they're trusting their credit union members to put a smile on the face of a person or organization in need, one hundred dolla...

  • 08/31/2017 10:01 pm

    Yakima Red Sand Project

    On August 31, 2017, you may have seen cracks in Yakima sidewalks filled with red sand, including sidewalks near our Yakima Center. Our Yakima ASPEN (Abuse Support and Education Now) team was an active participant in the global Red Sand Project. "It's a sidewalk transformation project to help raise awareness for those at risk of being traffick...

  • 04/14/2017 5:47 pm

    When Will I Heal?

    A picture of four fingertips with one letter painted in black paint on each finger to spell the word

    By Penney Wilson, Advocate

    “When will I heal?” Sad voices, angry voices, desperate voices, all wanting to know, “when will I heal?” As an advocate, I hear this question often. I wish I had a crystal ball that I could wave my hands over and say, “In ...

  • 02/22/2017 4:48 pm

    You Can Become a Victim Advocate

    White text on green background. Text reads: "aspen: Victim Advocacy Services." There is a white leaf emerging from the "p" in "aspen",
    Are you looking for a way to support and give back to your community? Aspen (Abuse Support and and Prevention Education Now) Victim Advocacy Services are always looking for people who want to become advocates for those who ha...

  • 01/19/2017 6:21 pm

    The 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families

    Average Age 12 Years

    The 12 Core Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families

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  • 10/06/2016 9:24 pm

    Volunteering with Aspen

    Volunteers play an important role in our Aspen Victim Advocacy Services teams. Volunteers staff the 24-hour victim advocacy phone line and respond to calls from law enforcement, hospitals, and other providers. Our advocates provide support, information, reassurance, and referrals to survivors of sexual assault and their families.

    Watch the video in the link below to hear from some of our vo...

  • 10/04/2016 5:52 pm

    Tricks and Secrecy

    man sitting outside by barn with dog

    Here at Comprehensive, we provide four different forms of therapy that help a person deal with the negative thoughts and feelings associated with sexual abuse. These therapies actually work well with any form of abuse. I refer you to our Evidenced Bases Practices page for more information on PCIT, CPT, EMDR and TFCBT ( Read More

  • 02/16/2016 12:48 am

    5 Myths About Human Trafficking

    In my role with Aspen Victim Advocacy Services, I come across a lot of misconceptions about trafficking and exploitation. Most people are well-meaning, but misinformed about what trafficking means, where it occurs, and who can be a victim. Often I will hear statements like “That doesn’t happen here” or “They chose that job” or “There’s nothing I can do.” To dispel some of these misunderstandings, the following is a list five myths about human tr...

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  • 09/24/2015 10:24 pm

    Six Reasons to Become a Victim Advocate Volunteer

    help key           
    At Comprehensive Mental Health, Aspen Victim Advocacy Services relies heavily on volunteers.  Not an expert on advocacy? That’s okay! Several times each year, Aspen provides extensive core training for volunteers to prepare them for the important work they’re about to start. Her...

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  • 05/04/2015 2:50 pm

    Break the Silence, End Sexual Violence

    High profile disclosures of rape in other communities, however old and seemingly far away, because of the ensuing media attention, affect us right here in Yakima.

    Sexual violence, rape, molestation, child sexual abuse, sexual harassment, gang rape, commercial sexual exploitation; is the topic in the news, around the table, in the office. Everyone has an opinion about the allegations, the offender and the victim. Accused rapists include coaches, celebrities, priests, professionals, nei...

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