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Frequently Asked Questions

Nine Most Asked Questions

Q. Are you taking new clients?

A. Yes. However, the type and amount of services you are eligible for will vary by the type of medical coverage you have.

Q. What is the process to enroll into services?

A. The first step is a brief 15-minute screening. You will be asked questions about your reasons for seeking services, insurance coverage, whether you were referred for services and by whom, and other simple demographics such as your name, address, phone number, etc.

Q. Do you schedule appointments or do I need to use the walk-in clinic?

A. It depends on the site but generally it is your choice.

Q. What is the evaluation process and how long does it take?

A. Clients entering mental health services will have an evaluation (assessment) completed by a Mental Health Professional (MHP). The MHP will request information regarding your presenting problems or concerns, current physical health, current medications, brief family history, etc. After the evaluation, and depending on your needs you would then be assigned to a treatment team. If you require further evaluation for potentially starting medications, you would be scheduled for another appointment with one of our medical providers. Evaluations typically take an hour for an adult and about ninety minutes for clients under 20. Always allow for two hours which includes completing the initial intake paperwork.

Substance Use Disorder assessments will be completed by one of our addiction counselors. These assessment are also typically scheduled to take 2 hours.

Q. Do you have Spanish-speaking therapists?

A. We have many Spanish-speaking therapists available throughout our service area.

Q. Do you do court-ordered evaluations?

A. We do not perform court-ordered evaluations that are assigned by a Judge.

Q. If I am a Medical Provider, how do I make a referral for one of my patients?

A. You can fax the referral to our screeners at 509-575-4234 or you can have your patient contact us and the screeners will get them set up for an evaluation. If you want to speak to someone regarding a doctor to doctor referral, please contact the Clinic Coordinator at 509-574-5050.

Q. What information do you need on a referral?

A. We need the patient’s demographics, contact information and medical coverage. We also need a brief explanation for why you are referring the patient to services and any applicable chart notes.

Q. What services are provided through my employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?

A. An Employee Assistance Program is an employee benefit often provided by many businesses to their employees and family members. These services are free and confidential. EAP counseling services are provided by Master's level counselors who can assist you with resolving a variety of personal, family, mental, emotional, financial, or substance abuse problems. Comprehensive provides local organizations. EAP benefits typically cover up to 3 or 4 sessions of assessment and brief solution-focused counseling. Individuals presenting with concerns that are not likely to be resolved within a few sessions will be referred for additional services. Check with your employer or human resources department to see if your employer offers EAP services.