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Healthcare Benefits Questions

The past several years have brought major improvements in behavioral health insurance coverage. Today, most behavioral healthcare is covered by  insurance plans. These services are subject to the same "co-pays" and "deductibles" as other benefits. The specifics of your coverage will be discussed during your initial screening and enrollment.

Some services may require pre-authorization from your insurance company. This might require that you obtain a referral from your primary care provider, or approval prior to services from your insurance company.

Emergency and Crisis services are always available regardless of coverage.

Please contact your personal health insurance carrier for specific details.

Need Health Insurance?

If you or your family have modest or no income you will likely qualify for health insurance through Washington State’s Healthplanfinder website.

Washington Healthplanfinder

Applying for coverage is quick and easy. We have enrollment kiosks available at most of our service locations, as well as trained staff to assist you with enrollment.

Other state benefits may be applied for using the Washington Connections web portal.