Comprehensive Healthcare
Comprehensive Healthcare


These are the principles that guide our actions in providing innovative behavioral healthcare:

  • Integrity:

    Integrity means doing what is right and acting consistent with applicable professional and organizational standards or principles. We will be honest and ethical in our interactions with associates, clients, and community partners and through these interactions establish strong and professional relationships with community stakeholders, supporters, co-workers, and clients.
  • Quality:

    We will continually seek ways to improve our internal systems and our service delivery processes to provide the highest quality services to the individuals, families, organizations, and communities we serve. As an essential element of quality external customer service, we are committed to providing internal customer service of the highest quality. One cannot exist without the other.
  • Diversity:

    We are committed to promoting a work environment that embraces diversity. Differences will not be viewed as a deviance from the norm, but merely a distinction to be explored and respected. Diversity among staff will be viewed as strength, enhancing our ability to provide appropriate services, generate creative solutions, and expand our awareness of different ways of seeing our world.
  • Openness:

    Because the quality of decision making and problem solving is greatly enhanced when accurate and honest information is available, we value the free and open exchange of information, ideas, and opinions at all levels. Opportunities for associate input and participation will be created whenever possible.
  • Teamwork:

    In order to achieve our full potential as an organization, we must work as a team. We value effective teamwork, both within teams and between teams, because it results in higher levels of goal attainment, improved staff relationships, and enhanced feelings of support and cooperation.
  • Creativity:

    Making the most of our limited resources, establishing new and better ways of getting our work done, and making work both enjoyable and meaningful, all require that our staff members tap into their creativity to generate new solutions, leverage resources, and make positive contributions to the workplace. Therefore, we value the creativity and talents each staff member brings to work every day.
  • Accountability:

    We are accountable to ourselves, our teams, our clients, and the organization. We need to be responsible for the work we do, the actions we take (or don’t take), the results or outcomes of our work, and the decisions we make. We are accountable for keeping our commitments and for taking necessary actions (even those that may be difficult at times). When we are accountable we build trust, and trust is an essential commodity in all our interactions. Placing a high priority on accountability means valuing the network of relationships in which we each individually function and in which our entire organization operates.
  • Collaboration:

    We understand that working together in collaborative partnerships means getting more done, more efficiently, with less duplication, resulting in better outcomes for the individuals, families, and communities we serve. We, therefore, seek opportunities to collaborate with clients, families, other professionals, and organizations to improve overall mental health and mental health services in our communities.
  • Respect:

    We seek to create an organization in which each individual is treated with respect, dignity and compassion every time, every day. Treating people with respect requires an appreciation of individual differences and an understanding of cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • Stewardship:

    We advocate for systems and structures that are attuned to the needs of the mentally ill and that promote a sense of community among all persons. We provide responsible stewardship that includes responsible use of, and accountability for, our human, material and financial resources.